Stephanie Halcomb

What is your favorite show to binge?

I really don’t watch much TV, but I enjoy watching CBS Sunday morning – I record it every week and watch it throughout the week when I can!

What is the most important issue in agriculture right now?

As a grain farmer, I have serious concerns about the grain markets and the demand for our products around the world.  However, I think the most important issue in agriculture right now is the need for farmers to help consumers understand that farmers can be a solution to the sustainability of the planet by sequestering carbon that is emitted by so many industries around the world.

Favorite place in the world?

Schochoh, Kentucky. This is where I live and work.  I love that I get the opportunity to do a job that I love, surrounded by my family.  I do love to travel, though, and see places that I have never seen before!

BYOB… what is your beverage of choice?

White wine

What does KALP mean to you?

KALP has been an amazing opportunity to expand my horizons to areas of agriculture that I have never been exposed to before.  Since I don’t come from an Ag background, before KALP, I didn’t realize how diverse the Ag industry is, and how much impact farmers can have.  I look forward to being able to take the experiences I have had in KALP and build on them in the future!