Tony Holloway

How would your friends describe you?Tony Holloway Family

Well that’s a scary question.  I’d hope that my friends would describe me as a guy that you can count on, fun loving, and dedicated to the profession of Agriculture.  On the other side I’d say some would say “he talks a lot, smiles a lot, and is a blast to be around”.  This COVID-19 is killing me because I always like to entertain at the house with family and friends, no telling how many times I’ve started to say …Hey let ‘s invite or shoot never mind, we can’t !

 If you had to choose a career outside of agriculture, what would it be?

It would be a Family Court Judge, advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves.  A judge that would be a no strings pushing forward to make sure the children are taking care of.  I have no time for parents that abuse, take advantage of the kids or the system we have in place.  I know most folks say I couldn’t change the system, but I’d give it 1,000 % of a try.  When I see kids being taken advantage of and not taken care of it hurts down deep.

 What is your favorite meal?

Wow, I like all kinds of food cant you tell ???  HAHAHAHA  but if I had to narrow it down it would be an excellent steak grilled to perfection, a just right baked potato, and finished off with J Alexanders Carrot Cake !!!!!  Take me to J Alexanders-Riedlands Grill (Nashville) and I know you’re a good person cause it’s a great place to eat and enjoy friends.

 By the ocean or in the mountains?

Oh that would be the Ocean for sure.  There’s no better relaxation that listening to the Ocean and its waves mighty power crashing into the shore.  I have always enjoyed relaxing and there’s no better place than the Grand Cayman Islands, the atmosphere is relaxing and no rush for anything and that’s a great place to be.  The closest mainland to enjoy is Destin.

 What do you hope KALP Class XII accomplishes after graduation?

Looking at #KALPXII -  #MYPEOPLE– I see so many young leaders that are ready to go out and tackle the world with the tough challenges that Agriculture is up against.  I see CEO’s, Farmers on the cutting edge trying new things, educators that are educating the world about Agriculture, and then I see #MYPEOPLE who will remain as close knit as we are now due to the RONA !!!!  I hope to see many many of our class become the future leaders in Agriculture and the Commonwealth !