Doug Lawson

What is your favorite show to binge?Doug Lawson and family

70's Show

What is the most important issue in agriculture right now?

Multiple years of farm losses due to poor farm economy and the looming threat of corporate consolidation leading to dwindling farm numbers. 

Favorite place in the world?

On my boat in the middle of KY lake with my wife and kids. 

BYOB… what is your beverage of choice?

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon in the perfect Old Fashioned. 

What does KALP mean to you?

KALP 12 means I have people I can depend on, KALP 12 means I have life changing experiences with a group of like minded people, KALP 12 means to me that I have been chosen to make a difference in the Commonwealth of KY.  KALP 12 means I will forever understand the meaning and the value of friendship.