Micah Lester

What did you want to be when you grew up?Micah Lester Family

My dream of playing in the NBA or NFL dwindled quickly when my athletic ability didn't catch up with my future plans.  Seriously, I always had a strong interest in coming back to the farm.  My father and grandfather laid a path for me that not only gave me responsibilities but also a chance at ownership.

If you had to work outside of agriculture, what career would you choose?

If I had to work outside of ag, I think I would like to travel around with my smoker cooking for people at  events such as weddings, family reunions, etc.

Pie or cake?


What would you tell a consumer who has never been on a farm?

This is where I'm located, please come visit me for a few hours one day and see what really happens on a working farm.

What does the KALP experience mean to you?

The KALP experience has been extraordinary.  I have learned many things about how I work and, more importantly, how others work.  I have made lots of new friends that I could call anytime.  Every time we get together we pick right up like we saw one another just yesterday.  I love that about this group.