Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller Family

How would your friends describe you?

I think my friends would describe me as compassionate, driven, organized . . .

If you had to choose a career outside of agriculture, what would it be? 

If I had to choose a career outside of agriculture I would be an event planner.  With my current job, and previous job, I get to dabble in event planning.  Agriculture is my true passion but anyone who knows me knows I love to plan events.  I envision guest walking through events from start to finish and try to plan every detail from the moment the guest arrives to the moment they leave; I want a guest to be “wowed” at first site, comfortable, their needs are met, etc. 

What is your favorite meal?

Filet, from our own beef of course, baked potato and salad.  If I get to choose dessert, definitely cheesecake.

By the ocean or in the mountains?

Definitely by the ocean . . . for me being by the water gives me peace.  Life is crazy and always busy, but sitting by the water, being on the water, gives me a peace and calm beyond my own understanding.  It’s a chance to look across that water and admire the beauty of what God created.  

What do you hope KALP Class XII accomplishes after graduation?

KALP Class XII, is the best class ever!  I get the opportunity to learn and grow alongside 22 amazing individuals from Kentucky and Tennessee.  It is a humbling experience to see what each of these individuals do on a daily basis for agriculture, their communities, their families and this class.  I hope we can truly kick start the KALP Alumni Organization where it can benefit and assist with the fundraising efforts of the matching dollars the organization needs for the KADB dollars it received.  What better legacy can we leave than helping this organization grow financially so more individuals in the agriculture industry can be future participants.  It is up to us, as alumni, to assist in those efforts.  I know KALP alumni across this Commonwealth who benefitted greatly from this organization and would say they want other individuals to learn and grow as we did, but without funds this cannot continue.  I challenge my class, alumni and others to help support KALP in this financial endeavor as together we are assisting and developing our current and future agriculture leaders.  We need these leaders to help us be ROOTED in our industry and GROW our future in agriculture.