Josh Renaker

What is your favorite show to binge?Josh Renaker

If I’m going to binge watch a show it’s going to be Shark Tank. I find it fascinating with what people come up with and the valuations of businesses. 

What is the most important issue in agriculture right now?

Outside of trade, I feel like an important issue is with access to good and reliable labor on the farm.

Favorite place in the world?

Outside the entire state of Kentucky it would be Phoenix, AZ. I like the weather out there, even when it’s really hot! 

BYOB… what is your beverage of choice?

Water. Even though at times I need to drink more of it.

What does KALP mean to you?

It’s a great way to expand your knowledge and at the same time you get to meet a lot of great people that have the same passion as you do.